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(16) Carol Carson
Tue, 7 September 2010

Mary Ann & Steve,
By having you do a "Wind Mitigation Inspection/ Report", I just recieved a refund check due to wind mitigation credits from my insurance company in the amount of $1,291.00 for this years policy. Thank you, Thank you!!


(15) Nancy Griggs
Tue, 7 September 2010

I had Steve do a Wind Mitigation after Mary Ann had convinced me that i would save money. I have to tell you that i was suprised to recieve $1,080.00 back.
Steve was very thorough and I am so happy.
Thank you
Nancy Griggs

(14) David W
Thu, 19 August 2010

Great experience. So much easier and less expensive than the other quotes I got. Use these guys, they are really a wonderful comapany.

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